:HSE Part 4 Commercial Diver 

:HSE Media Diver

:Revo Rebreather Diver

:Revo Owner

:48 Meter Deco Trained

:60 Meter Trimix Trained

:TDI Docompression Trained

:TDI Advanced Nitrox Trained

:HSE First Aid

:Drysuit Trained

:PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water,

Rescue Diver, DAN First Aid.


Essential qualifications for filming 

underwater. With HSE part 4, Johnny is 

able to film both above and below 

the water giving great flexibility 

within a programme or series.

Able to provide any camera and housing, from the Red Dragon and F55 to pole cams and underwater stills cameras with video. 


Underwater comms and lighting, as well as a full media dive team with dive supervisor.

Johnny has a wealth of experience in all aspects of underwater Filming. From expeditions to the frozen seas of Antarctica to the tropical reefs of West Papua


Underwater Phantom flex 4k

Red Dragon 6k

Sony F55

Underwater starlight camera

Bio Luminessence & Bio Fluorescence filming


Shooting Mantas at San Benedicto for BBCs SHARK
Socorro Mexico
Diving in Antarctica
King Penguin Dive South Georgia